Nos encantan las historias en las que internet se convierte en la herramienta de éxito. Aurora es una chica noruega de 19 años que ya tiene cientos de seguidores gracias a la web Read More

The 100

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We talked about this before but Season 3 is just better than expected. The 100 is not just another show, here for the first time the world is run by girls and yes, they are queer. Read More

Sense 8


Primera serie original de Netflix que es, realmente, multi cultural. Cada uno de los ocho personajes vive en una ciudad distinta, cada uno vive un realidad particular, con un idioma y un cultura que los define. Read More

Jessica Jones


If you haven’t seen it, just give it a chance. There are many things we like about this show but two stand: first, it is a super heroes story that actually good, and that doesn’t happen very often. Read More

Wolf Pack


This is the story of six brothers that grow up inside an apartment in Lower Manhattan, and never go out. The father has some crazy theories about life and decides to avoid contact with society. Read More



A Canadian web-series about lesbian vampires can change the world? It might sound strange but this has become a huge deal specially since it speaks to groups that where lacking representation. Read More